Hey, I'm Julie Maye!


I'm mountain raised and prairie passionate. I grew up in the beautiful Fraser Valley of British Columbia for 22 years, and now my little family of three is setting roots in the Albertan Prairies.

At this time, we are residing in the Northern Calgary, about as close to the country side as we can get at this time. We hope to purchase our own house on the outskirts of town one day, but right now we live in the most beautiful apartment. 



Life has blessed me with the most beautiful family I could have ever hoped for. I have a charming spouse who is the best Dad to our gorgeous daughter. He is a very passionate, caring, and devoted man and is truly the man of my dreams. We are not presently married, nor engaged, but we share a very passionate relationship and look forward to taking it to the next level one day when the time is right. We got pregnant with our daughter just one year into our relationship, and always agreed that we would not marry each other strictly over our daughter. We want our marriage to be more than just over children, so we have worked together to create a comfortable and loving relationship that nurtures both us, and our daughter. 

Our daughter is just about two years old at the time of writing this, and she is the most bubbly, bouncy, intelligent little girl I have ever met. She certainly takes after her Dad with her charm and how caring she is. She has brilliant blue-brown eyes, and golden hair that is just starting to curl as it has now grown beyond the nape of her neck. Her smile could summon a room full of angels, and her screams could bring the devil back to life, I swear. ;) 



Growing up, I had one home that I truly remember to be home. It was the one in the small town of Hope, nestled right next to a river and at the base of some very beautiful mountains. After my family sold our home and we moved on to a more accommodating township, I never really got that sense of home again. The new place, which has been a part of our family since 2011, is extremely nice but never quite cut the cake. It took me some time to realize that the reason why our house in Hope was our home was because it was a landing-spot for family. We had so many family members visit us there, stay with us, and join us for meals around the table over the 8 years that we had lived there, and we never experienced that in our new house. 

Homemaking is a passion of mine because I long for that sense of home, and I want my daughter and boyfriend to have it, too. Homemaking allows me the opportunity to turn our place into a true home. We have delicious meals together, share a comfortable refuge from the outside world, and make many wonderful memories here. I love sharing my journey of homemaking, because I believe it is an art that we often forget about in the modern world. To me, simply laying your head somewhere to rest at night does not make it a home. To me, it is putting in the time to create a comfortable, welcoming and safe space that nurtures your family and guests and makes you feel that true sense of home. The kind that we are all searching for. Like Grandma's house. 



I was raised in a Christian home, though we were never fully devoted. I went to church until I was 8, and then stopped. I had many Christian friends growing up, but the teachings never resonated with me. I loved the lessons from the scripture, but could not bring myself to fully devote to the religion itself. Over time, I began to identify as a Pagan. Though, I would say I fall more under the "Wiccan" label, if I must have one, I suppose! 

I believe in something bigger than us. I tend to call it "universe" because that works for me. It fits well, and it feels good. I use Oracle cards and Tarot cards to interpret the things I am going through and to help guide me through life. I believe they are a wonderful tool in assisting me with communicating with my higher self and moving forward through difficult times. I meditate, sometimes. I talk to my Mom, even though she no longer lives on this side. I believe she is still there. I celebrate Pagan holidays like Summer and Winter Solstice and Spring and Autumn Equinox. I believe I create magic through my hands, when I cook, bake, clean, or create. I set the intention to infuse everything I do with love, and to me that makes it magical. 


When you visit with me on my blog, I hope you find that little slice of "home". I hope you are able to come here and find great recipes to share with the people you love, learn to honour your own passion for life, and embrace your unique faith, no matter what that looks like for you. 

XO, Julie Maye.